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A temple top at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India - Courtesy: Srinandini Parthasarathy

My beloved brother

Dedicated to the memory of my beloved Brother Subramanian also known as Chandran (1964-2002)

Courtesy: Eric Fleck
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My Parents, the source of my strength and successes

My cousin,P. Ramachandran ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **

I am ever grateful to my Cousin, Ramachandran Parameswaran without whom I would not have been what I am today !

Welcome to my Home Page!

At birth, a child does not recognise even the existence of identities that include the following among others.







With my WifeOur Son Pranavam - A U M Sreekrishnan with Wife and Son

However, as man grows up, he identifies himself with these and other similar 'compartments' and begins to look at the world positioning himself within these identity 'compartments'. He begins to think his host 'compartment' superior to others or that others are inferior to his! Eventually, man fails to recognise his real self and confines himself within the limitations imposed by these identities. This has been happening for ages! Why should man hate his fellow human being? Why he considers himself superior to everyone else? Why not man attempt to peacefully co-exist with fellow human beings ignoring the artificial divides that he himself created? These are some questions that always rise in my mind when I come across news about bombings, terrorism, massacre, destruction and loss of lives due to reasons other than nature's fury. Violence begets violence. Peace is the only recourse to stem and eradicate violence of all forms! Let us strive to achieve this!

upcoming events


Sudharshan visits Bengaluru on 16 February 2013 to attend convocation

Sudharshan visits Chengleput Court on 14 February 2013, where his Grand Father was sub-judge

Sad demise of maternal aunt Smt N K Vijayalakshmi on 29 Jan 2013

Sudharshan redesignated as Senior Executive - Legal Claims at Future Generali on 29 January 2013

Cousin Poornima left UAE for India on 5 January 2013 on husband Suriyanarayanan completing 3 year deputation

Sudharshan travels to Vellore to attend Lok Adalat on 22 December 2012

Sudharshan receives Confirmation Order at Future Generali following 6 months probation on 21 December 2012

Sumithra returns to Dubai by Indigo flight on 15 December 2012

Returned to Dubai on 9 December 2012 for DFSA Audit at Office

Travelling to India for 2 weeks, leaving Sharjah on 30 November 2012

Sudharshan leaves for Mumbai on 20 November 2012 to attend 3 days Training for Legal Officers at Future Generali

Brother Naresh hospitalised consequent on a Motor Bike accident on 9 October 2012 at Coimbatore

Shruthie passes B.Com. with 72.5pc marks on 4 October 2012

Sudharshan gifts Wrist Watches to parents from first month salary on Aug 25, 2012

Govind leaves for the U.S. to pursue post graduation degree in Rutgers University, New Jersey on 13 August 2012

Son born to cousin Narayanan on 27 July 2012 at Kozhikode

Sumithra returns from Chennai on 30 June 2012 after 3 months in India

Sudharshan successfully completes B.A.,LL.B. from BILS, Bangalore University on 29 June 2012

Sudharshan joins Future Generali at Chennai as Trainee Legal Officer on 19 June 2012

Attended 3 day Workshop on Aviation Insurance at Mumbai with Sudharshan

Travel to India for 3 weeks in May 2012

Sudharshan receives formal offer from Future Generali on 22 May 2012

Sad demise of father-in-law Shri G. Gopalakrishnan on 14 May 2012

Sudharshan attends interview at Future Generali on April 11, 2012

Won iPad from RAK Bank during online promotion in April 2012

Sudharshan shortlisted during Campus Interview by Future Generali on 29 March 2012

Attended Insurance Ball at Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah on 17 February 2012

Sudharshan leaves for Bengaluru on 21 January 2012

Visited Global Village with Sumithra and Sudharshan on 14 January 2012

Sudharshan visits Dubai for a month from 22 December 2011

Formal launch of Bowring Marsh, Dubai on 13 December 2011

Vishnupriya joins Bajaj Allianz as Legal Associate on 11 December 2011

Desert Safari with friends on 18 November 2011

Visited Al Ain Zoo with wife Sumithra on November 11, 2011

Moved from Marsh Insco LLC to Bowring Marsh at DIFC from 1 November 2011

Maternal Uncle N A Venkateswaran passes away on October 30, 2011

Saipriya Vignesh wedding at Chennai on 24 August 2011

Sudharshan successfully completes Licentiate Examination of III in July 2011

Nithya weds Hitesh at Bengaluru on 24 June 2011

Vishnupriya completes B.A.,B.L.(Hons) with 70% marks in June 2011

Govind successfully completes B.Tech in June 2011

Remya wins Stella Maris College Gold Medal and First Rank in Degree in March 2011

Returned after a short vacation to India on 19 Feb 2011

Betrothal of Saipriya with Vignesh at Chennai on 16 February 2011

Cousin Jayaram is married to Bindukala since 6th February 2011

Sudharshan returns to Bengaluru on 16 Jan 2011

Sumithra visits India and returns to UAE with Sudharshan on 29 Dec 2010

Cousin's daughter Sindhu is married to N Mahesh on 27th August 2010

Manojavam born to Koushik-Ganga at Mysore on 14 July 2010

Travelled to India for Summer vacation during 24th June 2010 to 17th July 2010

Shruthie scores 96.7% marks in XII standard examinations

Sumithra leaves for India for a short vacation on 17th April 2010

Varada Nilaya at Mysore - Housewarming on 17th February 2010

Girl born to Sangeetha and Sunil on 12th February 2010

Tribute to friend Jayaraj Vellaichamy who passed away

Sumithra returns to UAE from India after 3 months

Srinandini weds Pannag at Chennai on 22nd January 2010

Suriyanarayanan arrives in UAE on deputation assignment

Mithra born to Anantharaman and Sulochana in Malaysia

Sunil arrives at Sharjah on 16th November 2009

Narayanan Subramaniam joins Wipro at Mumbai

Janani completes M.Sc.(Financial Management) with 66% score

Sumithra leaves for India to take care of Sudharshan

Malaysia Kunja-Raman's daughter Meena wedded to Prem at Kollam on 9th August 2009

Ramesh Iyer completes the final module of MBA at NIA with 71% score!

My cousin Narayanan S passes CISM Examination of ISACA in August 2009

My sister Sangeetha completes Associateship Examination of the III in August 2009

My Cousin P. Ramachandran celebrates Shashtiabdapoorthi at Thrissur on 23 July 2009

My Parents survive serious setback to health in July 2009

Girl child born to Pratibha and Narayanan Subramanian, my cousin on 3 July 2009

A unique experience while in Chennai - Vipassana Meditation for 10 days in June 2009

Sekhar R, Brother-in-law of my Cousin Ramachandran passes away in May 2009

Proceeded with family to India on vacation between May 21, 2009 and June 22, 2009

Seemantham of Pratibha Narayanan at Ernakulam on 10 May 2009

Sudharshan spends vacation with Parents in the UAE again in April 2009

Sangeetha and family leaves UAE to live in India on April 1, 2009

Krishna Prakash passes away at Bengaluru, India on 11th March 2009

John Bruce passes away at Coimbatore, India on 8th March 2009

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary celebrated on February 3, 2009 at Sharjah, UAE

Sumithra on short vacation to Chennai between January 8 and 17, 2009

My Cousin P.Ramachandran returns to India on superannuation in December 2008

Anupama weds Shankar on 12th December 2008

Special assignment at Office with Facultative Reinsurance Practice

Sudharshan visits UAE for the third time on November 6, 2008

Betrothal of Anupama Venkateswaran on 7th September 2008

50th Wedding anniversary of my parents on 24 August 2008

Annaprasanam of Chi. Navaneeth M. Ramachandran on 9 July 2008

Sudharshan spends vacation in the UAE with parents

Shruthie scores 87.6% in Class X with Centum in Maths!

Upanayanam of Chi. Venkatachalam on May 25, 2008

K.Janardhanan elevated in position at LIC of India

Nishant P. Iyer comes out of CBSE XII with 85.79% !

Upanayanam of Adithya on May 11, 2008

Kesavamoorthy ends bachelor-life in Dubai from April 23, 2008

Keshav B.G. arrives at Dubai on April 21 2008

Makesh Ramachandran visits Dubai, UAE on 5th April 2008

Abhilash weds Sarija at Kayamkulam on 29th March 2008

Sumithra returns to UAE after 42 days' travel to India

Sudharshan scores First Class at the First Semester Examination

Sudharshan relocates residence to Hanumanth Nagar area in Bangalore

Sreeram Prasad weds Rajalakshmi at Thrissur, Kerala, India on Monday, 11th February 2008

Son born to Rajagopal R.Nair at Haripad, India on 24th Jan. 2008

Son born to Makesh and Veena at Kozhikode on 1st February 2008

Sudharshan buys new Motor Cycle after getting Licence to drive

Kesavamoorthy returns to UAE with honour and pride!

Hema Ganga joins Koushik, becomes resident of Dubai, UAE

Ramesh (L G Parameswaran) relocates to Muscat, Oman

Sudharshan celebrates New Year 2008 with parents in the UAE

Koushik weds Hema Ganga at Mysore on 15th November 2007

Sudharshan in UAE for the first time during 30-Oct 2007 and 8-Nov-2007

Sreeram's engagement with Shanthi on 7th November 2007 at Aluva

Seemantham & Valaikappu of Veena Makesh on 15th October 2007 at Kolazhy, India

Sumithra moves to Sharjah, UAE on 23rd August 2007 to join husband

Pranav born to Suresh and Shivani on August 17, 2007 at Lucknow, India

Sangeetha moves to Dubai, UAE on 6th July 2007 to join husband

Iyengar celebrates 25th Wedding Anniversary on 11th June 2007 at Mysore, India

Parthasarathy weds Sowmithri on 13th May 2007 at Tirupathi, India

Sridhar-Sukanya's housewarming on 20th April 2007 at Bangalore, India

Narayanan weds Prathiba on 8th February 2007 at Kozhikode, India

Kesavamoorthy joins Al Rajhi Insurance on 6th January 2007 at Riyadh, KSA

Srinandini leaves India on 14th August 2006 for higher studies in the U.S.

Vasantharajan celebrates 60th birthday on 11th August 2006 at Chennai, India

Makesh weds Veena on 6th July 2006 at Kozhikode, India

Sandhya is born on 6th February 2006 at Milford in the U.S.

Sandhya is born on 6th February 2006 at Milford in the U.S.


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