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I dislike feeling at home

when I am abroad. 

~George Bernard Shaw

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Itinerary of travel to India in May-June 2013

Planning my travel has always been a priority to me.  I believe that it is unwise to travel without proper planning unless it is an emergency travel.  In this era of advanced technologies being utilised almost everywhere, online facilities for booking travel tickets, accommodation, etc., are very much available.

May-June 2013


Travelling from Dubai to Chennai by Indigo on 27 May 2013 so as to reach Chennai on the next day morning.  .

1 June 2013: Chennai to Tiruchirappalli  

2 June to 3 June 2013: Tiruchi, Srirangam, Samayapuram, Vaitheeswaran Koil.

4 June 2013: Tiruchi to Coimbatore

4 June to 5 June 2013: Coimbatore

5 June 2013: Coimbatore to Tiruvananthapuram

6 June to 7 June 2013: Tiruvananthapuram, Kanyakumari, Alappuzha

7 June 2013: Alappuzha to Coimbatore

8 June 2013: Coimbatore

9 June 2013: Coimbatore to Chennai (Sumithra and Sudharsan only)

13 June 2013: Coimbatore to Chennai

13 June to 15 June 2013: Chennai

Returning to Dubai with Sumithra, by Indigo on 16 June 2013.