Jayanthi Ramachandran

My Cousin's wife Jayanthi Ramachandran

Jayanthi Ramachandran, married to my cousin Ramachandran Parameswaran, was born to Shri Rathnaswamy and Smt. Savithri on February 26, 1955 in the State of Kerala, India.

She was brought up in Thrissur district of Kerala where she completed her education.  On October 24, 1975 she married my cousin Ramachandran at the holy town of Palani, Tamilnadu.  They have 2 children, namely, Makesh and Sukanya.

She is now living with husband Ramachandran back home in India.

  An old Photograph


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Wedding Anniversary on October 24, 2011.

with Husband Ramachandran