K. Chellammal

Father's Sister K. Chellammal

K. Chellammal, alias Chellai was born on January 29, 1931 as the first child to my Grand Parents Shri N. Krishna Iyer and Smt. T. S. Meenakshi Ammal.  She was formally named as K. Bhagavathy.

She was brought up in Cherpu, Thrissur District of Kerala in my Grand Mother's ancestral house.  Since my Grand Father died at early age, her childhood was spent in her Uncle's house where her Mother was also accommodated.  Though she was married to Shri Parameswaran during her teen-age, their married life did not last long.  She was deserted by husband with her two sons Ramakrishnan and Ramachandran.  Rest of her life until elder son got employed, was spent with her brothers.

Now, she lives with her younger son Ramachandran in Kolazhi, near Thrissur in Kerala.

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